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RecVue’s Approach to the Enterprise Billing Conundrum

RecVue’s founders spent more than two decades implementing contract management and billing solutions for global, high-growth enterprises. They saw first-hand the enormously complex challenges these organizations faced as they shifted from traditional business models to recurring revenue models.

Some of these challenges included:

  • Flexible billing
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Partner commissions
  • Data integrity

They knew there had to be a better way to handle sophisticated monetization strategies. Our founders built from the ground up, the only Enterprise monetization platform based on big data and powered by Oracle cloud infrastructure.

Our solution helps global enterprises adopt and manage innovative business models to drive recurring revenue growth. Our customers are mastering hybrid subscription and high-volume usage-based models with sophisticated pricing and rating scenarios while gaining operational efficiencies.

For instance, one customer, Airport Terminal Services, faced major challenges and frustrations with its billing processes that were characterized by inefficiency, redundancy and data integrity issues.

By implementing RecVue they:

  • Improved A/R closing time by two days by eliminating manual processes and reducing data errors, thereby eliminating revenue leakage
  • Achieved a 70% reduction in the number of records they were required to maintain

We encourage you to read the full case study here:

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