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The Impact of Digital Transformation In Billing Operations

Finance and accounting teams are under greater pressure than ever to deliver new levels of speed, precision, and insight. But they must manage many challenges: accommodating new business models, scaling to higher transaction volumes, keeping up with complicated contractual terms, supporting the sales organization’s creative pricing structures, and new compliance requirements — to name just a few. The faster pace of business means that legacy accounting systems and spreadsheet analysis can no longer reliably keep up.

That’s the environment many organizations face today and why the most forward looking are embarking on a completely new approach to transform their billing and invoicing processes.

In fact, despite the growing challenges and need for new innovative monetization technology, a recent survey by FEI and RecVue found that:

  • Only 16% of Finance Organizations were aware that digital transformation initiatives are very likely to require modern monetization technology

We recently published a new customer video, showcasing how ACI Worldwide addressed these challenges and undertook an extensive digital transformation initiative leveraging the RecVue platform. You can watch the video here!

RecVue delivers the only B2B monetization platform built for complex business practices to support fast-paced and fast-changing business models like that of ACI Worldwide. Here’s how RecVue’s solution helped:

  • Complex Contracts — RecVue supports the wide range of highly complex contracts in ACI’s business
  • Usage Data — RecVue helps ACI to automatically collect and mediate over 250 million usage transactions each month
  • Automated Pricing — ACI can configure its own automated pricing rules based on virtually unlimited characteristics
  • Billing — RecVue provides robust and agile billing that aligns to the latest contract terms and ensures 99% invoice accuracy
  • Analysis and Reporting — RecVue collects millions of transactions each month so ACI can analyze and forecast more effectively
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